Shaped Pouches

We manufacture customized shaped pouches upto 9 colors. We use rotogravure printing technology to print stand up pouches and we are very few manufacturers in Canada who use this technology. We use engraved copper cylinders to print. We can print upto 600 DPI resolution compared to 200 DPI with our competitors who use flexo printing technology.

Printing options : We have few printing options for custom shaped pouches.

  • – shiny finish print with metalized foil lamination
  • – matt finish print with metalized foil lamination
  • – shiny finish print with transparent window
  • – matt finish print with transparent window
  • – matt finish print with frosted window

Types of shaped pouches :

  • – Rounded bottom shaped pouches
  • – K seal bottom shaped pouches.

Different features of shaped pouches:

  • – We can make custom euro hole / round hole to hang pouch.
  • – We can fix different type of zippers on stand up pouch. Zipper depends on what type of product the customer wants to fill.
  • – We can give rounded corners in bags with little extra cost to avoid sharp edges.

Different Types of materials available in shaped pouches
We can use metalized foil finish materials, Matt finish plastic or shiny finish, transparent window, Frosted or haze window, Crystal clear window, freezer grade, high temperature 130 degree celcius grade film. We can print on brown paper and white paper and make custom shaped pouches. We also use biodegradable plastic film to make pouches. Other than this if you require any special material than please contact us.

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